The Mongolian Cultural Center and the Embassy of Mongolia in Washington, D.C. co-organize a Mongolian Studies Conference every year. This year’s conference is scheduled for February 9th and 10th, 2018 at the Embassy of Mongolia.

There will be more than twenty scholars and researchers from the United States, Mongolia, Russian Federation (Buryat), People’s Republic of China (Inner Mongolia), and Korea presenting on a wide range of topics such as Mongolian social issues, literature, archeology, history, and language.

The conference is open to the public; however, attendees must pre-register and pay the conference fee to attend. Following each presentation, attendees are welcome to ask questions of presenters and engage in further detailed discussion on the topic as time permits.

Registration requirements:

        1. Please send your first and last name, employer, and location (only city and state will be sufficient) to info@mongolcc.org. This information will be used solely for the purpose of making your conference badge.

        2. Please make a payment for the conference fee of $40. You can mail your conference fee to the address at the bottom of this letter or bring cash with you on the first day of the conference. The conference fee entitles you to attend the conference on February 9th and 10th, (breakfast and lunch included). At the conference, you will receive a commemorative pen and a folder containing hard copies of presentations. You are invited to attend the reception on the evening of February 10th hosted by the Embassy of Mongolia.


If mailing a check (payable to the Mongolian Cultural Center), please use the following address:

Mongolian Cultural Center

P.O. Box 101882

Arlington, VA 22210



Enka Sodnom

Mongolian Cultural Center






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Library of Congress

 Tsahim Urtuu North America NGO

Mongol-American Cultural Association

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FEBRUARY 9-10, 2018

The Embassy of Mongolia

2833 M Street NW, Washington D.C, 20007




        08:30 Registration & Breakfast


        09:10 Opening Remarks

               Bold Bat-Ochiryn, Deputy Chief of Mission of Mongolia to the United States of America

               Saruul-Erdene Myagmaryn, President, the Mongolian Cultural Center


        09:30 Archeology

               Discussant: William Fitzhugh, Smithsonian Institute

                      Kristen Pearson, University of Pennsylvania

                      Analysis of the Uzuur Gyalaan Burial Textiles

                      Tumen Dashtseveg, National University of Mongolia

                      Archeology of Eastern Mongolia: Findings of the Past Decade

                      Bayarsaikhan Jamsranjav, National Museum of Mongolia

                      History of Horse Domestication in Mongolia and its Material Evidence


        11:00 Inner Mongolia after World War II

               Moderator: Christopher Atwood, University of Pennsylvania

                      Borjigen Orchilang, Inner Mongolia University

                      Contrast to Two Different Youth Movements in Inner Mongolia 1945-1947

                      Anran Wang, Cornell University, PhD student

                      From Self-Determination to Party-Determination: The Chinese Communist Party’s Approach to

                       Eastern Inner Mongolia, 1945-1949

                      Dotno Dashdorj, University of Pennsylvania

                      Changes in land tenure in Inner Mongolia’s pastoral areas in the 1950’s


        12:30 Lunch

               After lunch Conference moves to the Library of Congress.

               10 1st Street, SE, Thomas Jefferson Building, Whittall Pavilion

               Metro Station – South Capitol, Orange, Blue and Grey Line



                      CLYDE GOULDEN, Curator Emeritus at the Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University and

                      ROBERT MCINTOSH, Board Member-Mongol Ecology Center, U.S. National Park Service (retired)

                      The Critical Importance of Science and the Rule of Law in Protecting

                                the Integrity of Mongolia’s Lake Hovsgol National Park


        15:30 Introduction for Mongolian Collection in Library of Congress Asian Division, LJ150

                      Susan Meinheit, Asian Division, LOC.



        08:30 Breakfast


        09:00 History

               Moderator: Christopher Atwood, University of Pennsylvania

                      Diane Wolff, Independent scholar/Journalist

                      An Offer He Couldn’t Refuse: The Man of Iron Recruits the Man of Letters

                      Amuguleng Wu, Minzhu University of China

                      The Eren Khabirgan Rebellion During the Ching Conquest of

                                Jungar in 1755-1758 as Seen in Manchu Archives

                      Wei Chen, University of Pennsylvania

                      “Yeke Juu Mode”: Cause and Construction of Tsochin Halls Among Three

                                Lamaseries (Monasteries) in 16th Century Mongolia’s Tümed

                      Chao Rimailatu Khiyad, Ordos Mongolian Secondary School

                      When Exactly Did Mongolian State White Flag Come to Wushin?


        11:00 MONGOLIAN COMMUNITY IN THE US presented by Tsahim Urtuu, North America

                      Borchuluun Yadamsuren, Columbia College

                      Social Media Usage of Mongolian Americans

                      Jagdagdorj Erkhembayar, Tsahim Urtuu North America

                      Mongolian Schools in the US

                      Uvsh Purev, Tsahim Urtuu North America

                      Mongolian Americans Contribution to the Mongolian Economy


        12:30 Lunch

               “Chinggis Khaan in the World Postal Stamp” Exhibition by Altangerel Dagvasambuu.


        13:00 Who Are the Mongols; National Identity

               Moderator: Saruul-Erdene Myagmar, Mongolian Cultural Center

                      Phillip Marzluf, Kansas State University

                      Desert Talk: Beatrix Bulstrode and Women’s Travel Writing on the Mongolian Frontier

                      Amartuvshin Sukhee, Mongolian National University of Education

                      *Studies on Stereotypes about Mongolia, in the American Press

                      Larisa Khalkharova, Buryat State University

                      Ethnic Concepts and Identification in the Buryat poetry abroad

                      Joseph Cleveland, Indiana University

                      Innovated Communities: Ethnography and the Production of the Mongolian Geo-Body


        15:00 Philology

                      Simon Wickhamsmith, Rutgers University

                      New Gorkys and the Restructuring of Mongolian Literature

                      Narangerel Nyamkhuu, Mongolian State Language Committee

                      *On the Law about Mongolian Language and Its Implementation  

                      Ariunbold Uureg, Mongolian State University of Education

                      *Teaching Classical Mongolian as a Syllabic Alphabeth

                      Sunmin Yoon, University of Delaware

                      On the Road: Mobility as a Methodology of Ethnographic Fieldwork


        17:00 Special paper

                      Karen S. Hollweg, Fulbright Specialist

                      Sustaining Mongolian Herders’ Traditional Practices while Educating Visitors about Herder Lifestyles


        17:30 Wrap-Up and Concluding Remarks

               Poster Presentations

                      Narantsetseg Baasansuren, Anchor “TV5” Mongolia

                      Trends and Development of Broadcasts in Mongolia

                      Batnairamdal Chuluun and Tserendagva Dalkh,

                                Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences  

                      12 year Animals Contribution to Mongolian Traditional Medical Science


        18:00 Reception in Honor of Conference Participants

                      Hosted by H.E. Otgonbayar Yondon, Ambassador of Mongolia to the United States of America

               Performance by:

                      Singer Saran Erdenebat (Mongolian Cultural Center),  dancer Delgermaa Batchuluun,

                      and morin khuur player Khatanbold Urlagbaatar


Note: Asterisks (*) denote presentations that will be in Mongolian. All other papers will be presented in English